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We all expect a high educational, ethical, and moral standard from healthcare providers. While we cannot expect perfection, we can and should expect trained and licensed medical caregivers to adhere to the standards of their profession. We should demand accountability, consistency, and complete transparency. Medicine begins with this basic premise: primum non nocere (first, do no harm). Healthcare providers do make mistakes. Physicians train to learn and move on from a mistake.

The uncomfortable truth is that sometimes, a patient cannot move beyond an injury caused by negligence or carelessness. When medical care goes wrong, a victim and their family may be able to seek justice through the legal system.

At Zayed Law Offices, we take preventable medical errors seriously and work tirelessly to hold those responsible accountable for their mistakes. Let a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer from Zayed Law Offices can help you understand the process of seeking compensation for your injury.

A Chicago Malpractice Attorney Explains Medical Errors

At the end of 2021, the Illinois Department of Insurance published a professional liability claims study indicating in one 12-month period, 1451 insurance carriers paid out professional liability claims. The largest percentage, 36.66 percent, was due to death.

The remaining percentages are as follows:

  • 1.72 percent – Emotional injury only
  • 3.65 percent – Insignificant temporary injuries
  • 11.44 percent – Minor temporary injuries
  • 8.55 percent – Major temporary injuries
  • 11.65 percent – Minor permanent injuries
  • 12.55 percent – Significant permanent injuries
  • 9.99 percent – Major permanent injuries
  • 3.79 percent – Grave injuries

These paid claims may include diagnostic errors, surgical complications, delayed treatment, failure to treat, lack of informed consent, medication errors, poor communication, improper training, and birth injury.

The Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Zayed Law Offices are here to help those dealing with a life-changing personal injury. We take pride in the level of representation we provide to the families in the Chicago area. We have the experience and resources to help victims of medical malpractice seek the financial compensation they deserve.

“Each year, an estimated 100,000 people in the United States die or are permanently disabled due to a diagnosis that was either missed or delayed.”—Healthline

Healthcare malpractice injuries are life-changing and stressful events. When you need legal representation and a legal advocate, you must have a law firm on your side that you can trust. You can trust Zayed Law Offices with your case.

Determining Responsibility And Liability In A Medical Chicago Malpractice Claim

You can bring a medical malpractice claim can against:

  • A licensed medical professional
  • A lab tech
  • A person providing healthcare services
  • A medical facility
  • A parent corporation

Board certification in a medical specialty requires a designated amount of clinical hours as well as written and oral examinations to certify comprehensive knowledge of predetermined standards of acceptable performance,

That said, an acceptable standard does not mean a physician must be perfect—medicine is not an exact science, and we cannot expect only good outcomes. However, suppose the medical provider harms you because they fail to exercise the skills others in the same profession possess. Then you can establish negligence.

In that case, it becomes more than just an unfortunate outcome. In these cases, negligence becomes malpractice. Nurses, therapists, physician assistants, and pharmacists (and in some cases, the hospitals or facilities they work for) can be held responsible.

Additionally, so can:

  • First responders
  • Ambulance paramedics
  • Lab technicians
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Certified nurse practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Alternative medicine providers

Medical malpractice claims are complicated, and the stakes are high. Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys can review your concerns and answer your questions. We offer a no-cost initial consultation. Call us today.

Examples of Mistakes in Treatment, Diagnosis, and Procedure in a Chicago Malpractice Claim

  • Failure to order appropriate diagnostic testing
  • Failing to review lab results adequately
  • Look-alike and sound-alike medications
  • Lack of communication within the healthcare team
  • Lack of established policies and procedures
  • Lack of adequate staff supervision
  • Negligent patient supervision
  • Ignoring or misreading a patient’s medical history
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Language and cultural differences
  • Failing to provide information about the risks of treatment
  • Insufficient equipment or supplies
  • Equipment failure
  • Lack of adequate safety precautions
  • Medication errors
  • Insufficient staffing
  • Unqualified staff
  • Delayed treatment
  • Missed diagnosis
  • Failure to recognize signs of sepsis
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Premature discharge
  • Lack of follow-up care
  • Surgical errors
  • Unnecessary surgery

Medical Malpractice Can Lead to Wrongful Death

When malpractice leads to death, a personal representative of the deceased’s estate may initiate a wrongful death claim. In the absence of a will appointing an executor, the court will appoint one. In an Illinois medical malpractice wrongful death claim, qualified family members (typically, a surviving spouse, children, and parents) may recover financial compensation.

While you must file a medical malpractice claim within two years of discovering wrongdoing, you must file a wrongful death claim within two years of death.

Possible Compensation

When your family suffers due to negligence, don’t wait to get the legal help you need.

Patients injured due to someone’s ignorance or negligence deserve maximum compensation for:

  • The cost of medical care related to the negligence
  • Future medical costs
  • Required assistive devices
  • Necessary home modifications
  • The cost of necessary in-home care
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

For medical malpractice cases filed after 2010, no financial caps are limiting the amount of potential financial compensation.

The actual dollar value may depend on:

  • Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers
    Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Adam J. Zayed

    The specific details of the defendant’s actions( or lack of action)

  • The cost of anticipated past and future expenses directly related to the incident
  • Professional expert testimony

How Our Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

The right medical malpractice attorney makes a difference, and choosing one to represent you and your family is a significant decision. When facing the legalities and complications of a malpractice claim, seek justice through an experienced Chicago malpractice attorney.

At Zayed Law Offices, we will deal with insurance carriers. We know how to negotiate, and we know how to build and present a solid case to leverage the best possible financial compensation for our clients. Don’t take chances with your future. Contact us today at (312) 883-6907.

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