Chicago Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Lawyers
Children across this country are sexually abused daily. They are sworn to secrecy by a perpetrator that wants to keep their dirty deed hidden. Most children won’t tell anyone what has happened to them, and they certainly won’t reveal who did it either. Consequently, they will show signs that something unspeakable has occurred without really knowing what they’re doing. A child that has been through a horrific sexual experience may show signs that include:

•Shamefulness About Their Body -Won’t Dress in Front of Others
•Socially Awkward and Avoid Social Situations
•Seductive Behaviors
•Night Terriers
•Low Self Esteem
•Inattentive and Lose Concentration Easily
•Thumb Sucking or other Regressive Behaviors
•Fear of The Dark
•Missing School
•Avoiding Activities, They Once Loved

The act of child abuse is a horrific experience, and it’s a crime. Child abuse can take many forms, including any sexual activity that is initiated by a person that is over the age of 18 towards a minor. The person is more powerful than the child and uses their authority to take dominance over the minor. Some child abuse cases include people who say they are willing participants, such as a 19-year-old having intercourse with a 15-year-old. Even though the child is old enough to decide to have sex, they are not legally permitted to indulge with a person over the legal age. Therefore, the person who is 19 would have a legal responsibility to wait until the other party can lawfully make such decisions.

Understanding Mandatory Reporters

There are various forms of sexual abuse, and they don’t include intercourse. For instance, inappropriate touching is also considered a crime and is fully punishable by the law. Any parent of a child that has been abused has a right to know what has happened to them. Today, anyone that has anything to do with the instruction of that child is a mandatory reporter, which includes teachers, camp counselors, boy/girl scout leaders, pastors, principals, youth leaders, summer school staff, and anyone else that oversees the child.

As a mandatory reporter, if these people feel that a child is showing signs of sexual abuse, or the child has admitted to being sexually abused, then they must make a formal report to the local Child Protective Services office. Anyone that doesn’t make such a report is in danger of being punished by the law.

Taking Legal Recourse

If you believe that your child has been sexually abused, and you know who the perpetrator is, then you need legal help. The law is there to protect your child during these moments. The court will shield the young one from being in a trial where they will have to face their perpetrator. Those that are found guilty of sexual abuse crimes will need to register as a sex offender. They will also receive healthy fines, and they will spend time in jail. No amount of punishment can ever erase the nightmare that has to happen to the child.

While it may be easy to push it under the rug and act like the deed didn’t happen, the child will need extensive counseling to get over the horrific act that occurred. As a parent or legal guardian, it’s imperative to act so that this person cannot hurt anyone else. If they aren’t punished, and they are left free, then they can and will do this to another child. Many sexual offenders have a long list of victims because so many don’t come forward.

Has your child been the victim of sexual abuse? You need to make an appointment to talk to one of our legal representatives immediately. With decades of experience in this matter, we can help your child get the justice they deserve. There is no charge to evaluate your case. Remember, they did the crime, not you. You will find a dedicated legal team that is eager to help you get the justice you deserve. Don’t let the child suffer in silence, be the voice of the child, and stand up for their rights. Yes, going to court and facing a trial is not always easy, but it’s what must be done for justice to be served.