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Americans are fighting obesity. It’s estimated that there are more than 160 million people overweight in this country. Most individuals will do anything to get rid of the extra pounds, including taking medications and diet pills to help curb their appetite. Fat diets and products come and go. Walk through your local pharmacy, and you will see tons of products that are gimmicks that guarantee dramatic weight loss. However, few do what they promise.

Over the Counter and Prescription Medications Differ

Those who are in urgent need of help go to their doctor seeking prescription remedies. Unfortunately, many of these products have devastating effects on the heart and other vital organs. Such was the case of the drug known as Meridia. This drug was made by Abbott Laboratories, which is headquartered here in Chicago. This drug promised to bring weight loss of about four pounds in four weeks when used with a low-calorie diet. The drug was promising because it helped those who had a severe weight issue.

While it seemed to help many people fight the battle of the bulge, in the beginning, the sales of this product were suspended in 2002. Many people confused it with over-the-counter type weight-loss products, but it was much stronger and its effects greater. Taking more than what was prescribed only increased the chance of severe side effects, and the side effects caused by Meridia were no laughing matter. People lost their lives trying to be thin.

Unlike Hydroxycut and things to help curb the appetite you can buy at the local drugstore, Meridia is a controlled substance that is only given by prescription. Users had to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Patients had to see a doctor who was willing to prescribe the medication. While some doctors were leery of prescribing such drugs, many embraced this as an alternative to bariatric surgeries.

It was no conventional medication to help curb appetite. It was similar in structure to narcotic drugs, but it was only given to patients who have more than 30 pounds to lose. The goal is that it curbs the appetite to help them consume fewer calories. The medication worked, and it had rave reviews, but the progress came with devastating problems.

Side Effects of Meridia 

Meridia is formally known as Sibutramine HCI Monohydrate. The side effect profile is quite extensive. Users complained of problems such as:

•High Blood Pressure
•Heart Failure
•Heart Attack
•Blood Clots

How seriously did Meridia affect the heart? Well, there was an increase in heart attacks by up to 16 percent. Sadly, there was more than 11 percent of users that experienced heart attacks and strokes that led to their untimely demise. The issue became so severe that in the latter part of 2010, the FDA urged people to stop taking this drug. They also told doctors to stop prescribing it to their patients. They said that they had evidence that showed that this drug was causing severe cardiovascular problems, and the risk of severe health problems or death was significant.

If You Took Meridia, You May Have A Claim

Unfortunately, the damage was already done for many patients. Did you take Meridia? Did someone you love take this drug and suffer from devastating complications? You may have a right to take legal action and be compensated for your pain and suffering. At Zayed Law Offices, we have over a decade of experience helping people who have been hurt by drugs such as this one. We fight until the end to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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