The National Institute of Health reports that instances of ophthalmology malpractice take place usually within a month of the first contact between the patient and the physician. The eye is an extremely delicate body part, and malpractice of any kind can result in a long-lasting decline in the quality of life for a patient. Medical malpractice by an ophthalmologist can occur in a variety of ways.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is perhaps the most common procedures performed by ophthalmologists. Eighty-four percent of patients who were victims of malpractice during cataract surgery was declared legally blind or worse following the surgery.

Poor Or Incorrect Diagnosis

A slow or incorrect diagnosis for conditions like detached retinas is another common concern of patients who believe they are victims of ophthalmology malpractice. In some of these cases, it was found that negligent treatment by the ophthalmologist was the root cause of the detached retina.

Informed Consent

An ophthalmologist who does not properly explain the risks associated with an eye procedure may be held liable for violating a patient’s right to informed consent. If you think it is possible this happened to you, compare what was told to you by your doctor to what you can now determine is the true risk associated with a procedure.

You should also read your chart to see if the physician performing the procedure provided any notation explaining he or she discussed risks with you before the procedure was performed.

Poor Record Keeping And Referral Process

Poorly recorded patient care records are commonly found in cases involving ophthalmology malpractice. It has also been observed that sometimes a physician or someone working for them will alter these records on purpose.

Problems can also arise for a patient who after visiting with a primary care physician, is not referred to an ophthalmologist soon enough to properly address any acute eye problems that exist. There have also been cases where patients have suffered because an ophthalmologist failed to consult with a physician who was more experienced in a particular area of the practice.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is commonly used to correct mild astigmatism or nearsightedness. In many cases, a patient demonstrated 20/20 vision after undergoing LASIK surgery. However, poorly performed LASIK surgeries have left patients in pain and worsened their vision. In extreme cases, patients have been left with chronic dry eyes and even blindness.

Some patients have experienced the thinning of their corneas or cataracts following their LASIK surgery. The sad part is many of these patients did not need a LASIK surgery in the first place. These patients would not have been subjected to the risk of further eye damage if they had been correctly diagnosed from the beginning.

Re-Use Of An Instrument Intended For Single Use

An Ophthalmologist that attempts to save money by sterilizing and reusing instruments that were intended to be used once is a serious threat to the health and safety of a patient. One potential devastating consequence of reusing a cannula or single-use knife is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. The disease is a genetic relative of Mad Cow Disease and is potentially fatal to patients.

These types of malpractice cases have been easy to win for many malpractice attorneys because they are not difficult to prove.

Unsafe Office Environment

Many patients would be surprised to learn they can be a victim of ophthalmological malpractice before they even see a doctor. A safe office environment is essential for an ophthalmological practice due to the fact many of the patients are elderly or suffering from impaired vision.

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