Surgery is an amazing human development. Modern medicine allows skilled doctors to render someone unconscious in a few short seconds. In doing so, the doctor can open up the human body without the patient suffering horrendous pain. In many instances, doctors can correct problems quickly and easily. This has tremendous benefits. Patients can recover from many illnesses including cancer after the doctor has completed their work. While contemporary developments in anesthesiology provide people with the ability to overcome potentially life threatening illness, it is not without risks. Over the course of a person’s lifetime, the vast majority of us will undergo some form of local or general anesthetic sedation. Skilled doctors can provide the assistance patients need. If they do not adhere to the highest possible medical standards demanded by their profession, it is possible for many things to go wrong. In that case, patients are entitled to seek legal redress and appropriate compensation.

Complications as a Result of Anesthesiology Errors

Complications from the administration of anesthesiology vary according to multiple factors. All anesthesiology drugs must be handled carefully and administered in the right doses. Local anesthetic, for example, can cause a person’s heartbeat to beat too fast and leave them with lasting neurological issues. It can also cause nerve damage if the medical provider administers it too close to the spinal column. General anesthesia is even more dangerous. It requires careful administration and then close monitoring to make sure the patient’s vital signs do not get damaged. Too much anesthesia and the patient can easily go into cardiac stress, suffer a stroke or even die as a result of the doctor’s lack of attention. Patients who are receiving general anesthesia are also in danger from a procedure known as intubation. This is when patients are reliant on a breathing tube to breath as they cannot do so when under anesthesia. If this tube is improperly inserted, the patient can be danger of inhaling liquids instead of being able to breathe. A patient may literally suffocate because the anesthesiologist failed to follow standard medical practices.

Types of Errors

A study by the experts at Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois found that such errors can be classified into certain categories. About one third of all anesthesiology errors resulted in respiratory events. Roughly another third led to cardiac problems in patients. Doctors who failed to provide the correct dose of medication for their patients were responsible for about ten percent of all anesthesiology errors. Another ten percent of all such errors stemmed from equipment related issues. This statistics are disheartening. The experts found that such errors can be reduced or even prevented by following certain procedures. In general, the best way to protect the patient’s health while under sedation is by making sure the patient is observed by a trained doctor. While computer based monitoring has a place, it has vast limitations that may lead to a patient needlessly suffering. The computer lacks the understanding of the patient’s body that the trained physician brings to the table during a surgical procedure.

Another Study

Researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information spoke closely to many medical professionals involved in the administration of anesthesia. They found that the vast majority of such errors were from human error. Very few were the result of machine failure. The experts made several recommendations that officials should follow in order to make sure the highest possible standards are upheld and patient safety is a priority. They believe it is best to have improved technical training on all aspects of anesthesia as well as careful supervision and organization. Doctor and other medical professionals were cautioned to be mindful of the need to be especially careful with sicker patients as such errors were more common in such individuals.

Our Help

An injury as a result of improper use of anesthesiology can be truly devastating. The patient may suffer physical, emotional and psychological damage because of a doctor’s neglect. Under such circumstances, it is understandable that patients may feel a sense of anger and loss. This is why is imperative for all patients who have suffered from such a loss to seek professional legal help. Our firm can help. We offer the kind of legal assistance that all patients and their loved one need in the aftermath of an anesthesiology error. We bring many years of experience for all of our clients. Our team of experts will fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries in full. We stay on top of all the latest medical developments, enabling us to make sure your case is heard and backed up by proper scientific evidence. Contact us today and find out why are the Chicago anesthesiology errors lawyers for your medical case.