Zayed Law Offices represented a man who was seriously injured during a semi-truck maintenance procedure.  Our client was a career machinist who agreed to help a friend, who was the owner of a small truck company, perform necessary maintenance on a Kenworth tractor.  The truck had a failed bearing in the transmission.

Our client and the defendant worked on the transmission for two days with the truck raised on jack stands.  The parking brake was engaged during the repair. When both men believed repairs were completed, the defendant entered the cab and disengaged the parking brake in order to help our client manually engage the drive shaft and to mesh the transmission.  At this point the men agreed to lower the truck to go for a road test.  Most unfortunately, the defendant negligently forgot to re-engage the parking brake when he left the cab.  When our client lowered the truck with a hydraulic lift, the truck rolled and pinned our client between another vehicle.  Our client suffered serious crush injuries to his chest.

After years of heated litigation and with the help of our trucking maintenance expert, we were able to secure a $725,000 settlement.

Here’s what our clients had to say: “Adam J. Zayed is the most compassionate, reliable and professional lawyer I have ever encountered in my life.  He always protected my husband before his passing and was a source of strength to my family and to myself during this most challenging and difficult time in our lives.  He always made sure my best interests were put first and that the wishes of my deceased husband were never compromised.  He was there for me and my family.  I am very grateful I was referred to Mr. Zayed.”