Adam J. Zayed secured a $200,000 award for a Zayed Law Offices client who suffered rotator cuff injury in a trip and fall occurrence.  Our client was a carpenter who subcontracted work from the defendant.  On the day of the occurrence, the defendant was unloading rusty tomato cages from his work vehicle in the garage bay of the complex.  After the defendant unloaded the tomato cages from his vehicle, he stomped on them and began to place them in a collective pile.  When the defendant started moving the tomato cages to a recycling bin, some of the crushed tomato cages were dropped on the floor.  At this time, our client walked through the garage and slipped and fell on one of  the crushed up tomato cages.  Our client suffered a shoulder injury as a result of the fall.

Here’s what our client had to say: “Simply stated.  I definitely recommend attorney Adam Zayed to represent anyone involved in a personal injury lawsuit.  He gave me excellent legal representation and sincere understanding during a very stressful time.”