Adam J. Zayed secured a $325,000.00 settlement for our client who suffered a shoulder injury during a sideswipe collision.  Our client was driving in the left most lane on I-80 in Joliet, and the defendant truck driver was in the lane to the immediate right.  The defendant truck driver alleged that our client’s lane of traffic was temporarily set to merge into his lane; that our client ran out of space on the expressway; and that she merged into his truck.  The investigating police officer placed liability for the occurrence squarely on our client.  Mr. Zayed personally reviewed more than 15 boxes of documents in the Aurora IDOT headquarters in order to find the “smoking gun” documents.  Although there were lane closures on I-80 on the day of the occurrence, IDOT records showed there were no closures on the day of the occurrence in the area where the occurrence took place.  The truck driver fabricated his story.

Here is what our client had to say:  “My case seemed hopeless.  Not only were the police not on my side, but the defendant was dishonest. Mr. Zayed took my case and he believed in me, and because of his belief, I put my faith in him.   I’ll always be grateful to Mr. Zayed for helping my family.”