Sertraline is the brand name of a very popular antidepressant medication called Zoloft. If you’ve been on earth in the last 20 years, and watch TV, you’ve probably seen those popular Zoloft commercials enticing clinically depressed people to ask their doctor about Zoloft. Some folks who asked their doctors about Zoloft, and as a result started taking the medication, didn’t have things work out for them as they’d hopes. This popular SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) has no doubt helped countless people overcome their depression and live a more normal life. Not everyone who took Zoloft was so lucky, though, namely pregnant women.

Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns (PPHN)is a condition that newborns of Zoloft patients may experience. Mothers who were pregnant while they were taking Zoloft are advised to be on the lookout for signs that they may be a victim of this condition very commonly associated with Zoloft (first trimester administration of Zoloft is the most common period where this condition develops). PPHN causes high blood pressure for the baby and creates a condition whereby the newborn doesn’t change over from circulation in the womb to the average normal circulation a newborn usually has. And the results can be terrible.

The pharmaceutical company that manufacturers Zoloft is Pfizer, Inc. They were aware of the risks of PPHN with Zoloft use in the first trimester, but they failed to fairly warn mothers of this risk to their children. It’s always infuriating when a major pharmaceutical company knows risks to their users but ignores their obligation to warn new mothers of a risk like this. Class action lawsuits are frequently successful in a case like this where the drug manufacturer was aware of the risk and failed to warn mothers of the harm the medicine could do to their babies. The lawsuit was ongoing in January of 2013.

Oxygen deprivation for the newborn is a consequence of PPHN and can result in brain damage that will surface later after birth. This shocking consequence is definitely not something Pfizer was honorable enough to mention when they marketed Zoloft, and many mothers had newborns who were affected by this vile act of neglect. And the problem is the issue may not always appear for years. Delays in development may occur from this side effect of Zoloft. Other side effects include:

  • Cleft lip
  • Heart value defects
  • Defects of the spinal cord
  • Atrial septal defects
  • Holes in the heart

These days, the FDA issues warnings about SSRI’s such as Zoloft, but the damage was already done to other babies years ago before the warnings were issued. The new warning is clear: If you take SSRIs during the first trimester, respiratory complications can occur (such as PPHN).

Pfizer failed to warn physicians of the dangers, too, and there’s never an excuse for a drug company to neglect public health in such a vile way. Zoloft already had a long list of harmful side effects, but if there’s a warning a mother has a fighting chance to decline treatment. If there’s no warning, they mistakenly take the drug believing that their newborns are going to be safe and sound from harm. As of now, Pfizer has a whopping 250 lawsuits pending against them. 90 lawsuits claim that Zoloft caused birth defects in babies, and that’s perhaps the most grossly negligent part of the story. Harming a child is never excusable.

If you’ve taken Zoloft in the past and have a child who seems to be experiencing developmental delays or other issues, it might be because Zoloft harmed your baby before birth. Newborns with these complications often experience senselessly difficult lives, and mothers are forced to watch their children suffer because of a drug company’s callous actions. You can’t go back and know more than you did back then, but you can hold the makers of Zoloft accountable for their heartless actions.

Zayed Law Offices is staffed by lawyers who care about your situation right now. Each lawyer wants to help you endure this difficult time. Whether you just want to know if Zoloft may have played a part in your baby’s problems or you are certain that it was Zoloft that did the damage, we’re standing by and ready to help you compile a case against Pfizer. Only brave people like you can hold these drug companies responsible when they harm the general public. Nothing is quite as shocking and inexcusable as harming a helpless newborn, and that’s exactly what Pfizer has done in cases of misinformation about Zoloft.

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