Nursing Home Abuse

Protecting victims of Nursing Home Abuse in Chicago

Elder abuse happens to 1 in 6 people according to the latest information from the World Health Organization. If your family member or loved one has been a victim of nursing home, our Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers are here to help pursue justice and recover the maximum compensation for injuries. Compensation may include medical bills as well as pain and suffering. If you are wondering how to pursue a personal injury case, or whether you have a cause of action to file a legal claim against the person or persons who propagated the abuse or their employer, we can help you understand the associated laws and your options.

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Medical Malpractice

We've WON 100 % of the Medical Malpractice cases for our clients

It is estimated that there are 250,000 Medical Malpractice deaths each year according to Hopkins Medicine. Additionally 41% of Americans believe that a medical error was made in their care, that did not result in a catastrophic death. It is not surprising then that 99% of physicians in high-risk specialties face a lawsuit by the time they're 65. Zayed Law Offices has unmatched resources and knowledge to properly investigate medical errors resulting in significant injuries to clients. Contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation by completing our short contact form.

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Birth Injuries

We file BIRTH INJURY cases in Chicago and Nationally

Birth injuries can impact a child and their family for many years into the future. While it is true that some injuries during birth are unavoidable, it is important to have an attorney that understands the medicine relevant to baby delivery to make a determination if there was a breach in the standard of care. Our experienced attorneys have unmatched knowledge and resources to investigate injuries to babies and mothers during a delivery. If you have lost a loved one during birth, you deserve to deal with the grieving process without the stress of dealing with insurance companies and other 3rd parties. Zayed Law Offices has helped many families that have suffered birth injuries and are here to help you investigate your specific injury event.

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Medical Misdiagnosis

Failure to Diagnose can RESULT in significant loss of life

Failing to timely diagnose a medical condition can result in significant loss of life and a missed opportunity to for life saving treatment. People trust medical professionals to come to an accurate diagnosis based on the symptoms they share and display. However, even the most skilled professionals make mistakes that result in missing early signs of a particular medical condition that worsens without proper treatment. If you have been under the care of a doctor that has missed identifying a serious medical condition, you have the right to compensation for the missed opportunity to get timely treatment resulting in loss of life and deteriorating prognosis. Zayed Law Offices has the knowledge and resources to investigate these failures and hold doctors and other medical professionals accountable.

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Surgical Error

We identify breaches in the Standards of Care to hold Doctors accountable

Surgical errors happen although doctors go through years of intense and rigorous training before they are allowed to operate without supervision. When you put yourself under the care of a physician, you expect them to act with skill and competence. If an illness or condition compels you to undergo surgery, you should have every confidence in the ability of the doctor. Such a mistake can leave you much worse off than you were before. It can cause you and your family great financial and emotional strain.

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