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Personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases involve complex laws, confusing procedural requirements, and astronomical litigation costs. When considering which law firm to trust with your case, consider our track record, our experience, our drive, and our resources. We also have access to a large pool of treating doctors, expert witnesses, and the resources to build your case.

Our firm has fought against some of the largest and most powerful corporations, trucking companies, municipalities, and insurance groups in existence. We exclusively focus on catastrophic personal injury, vehicular negligence, defective products, and medical malpractice cases. We are dedicated to our clients, and we are committed to maximizing our client’s recoveries and to serving their needs.

To us at Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers our practice transcends any attempt to define what we do. We are nimble, we are quick, and we are smart and responsive. We view the practice of law as a privilege and we take great pride in defining our image and in advocating the positive image of the legal profession. When we get involved in a case, it is our goal to add value to cases, and we do this by preparing our cases for trial by jury.

The jury trial is the purest form of democracy, handed down from our forefathers, a process inherent in the DNA of our fair and great country. Every case we handle is prepared for the possibility that the case will proceed to trial. We take the time to prepare, and we notice the fine details of our cases.

Firm History

Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers was founded by personal injury attorney Adam J. Zayed and is a plaintiff personal injury and civil trial practice law firm.

We represent individuals and their families in wrongful death and personal injury cases stemming from trucking negligence and motor vehicle negligence, medical malpractice injuries, product liability, premises liability, and construction accidents. Our firm provides clients with truly exceptional legal representation and attentiveness. Every letter, meeting, interrogatory, deposition, and court appearance is crafted with time, skill, patience, and with the ultimate goal of securing compensation for losses due to negligence.

Our firm has experience handling complex cases in Illinois. While we do not solely base our success on case results, we do maintain an impressive success rate.

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After a life changing personal injury event, it is very important to have a legal team that you can trust. Your trust will be well placed with Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers. We take pride in the exceptional legal representation and attentiveness we provide to our clients. Let us put our experience, expertise, and resources to work for you!

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