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Chicago Nursing Home Bed Sores Lawyers

Did you know that there are more than 10 million Americans in this country that are over the age of 65? What’s even more shocking is that 1.5 million of those people live in a nursing home or extended care facility. While it’s always best to have your loved ones at home with you, there are some cases where their medical needs are more than you can handle. You search for the best facility, read the reviews, and tour the campus. You thought you made the best choice. However, even the best homes across this country are plagued with claims of nursing home abuse. Why isn’t something being done?

Staff Problems Are Often To Blame For Bed Sores

When you place your loved one into a nursing home or residential living facility, you expect them to get the same care that you would provide at home. These centers are required to do thorough background checks, which also includes a criminal history. These skilled workers are to attend to your loved one’s every need and make sure that they are comfortable for the last years of their life. Unfortunately, many times, people are ignored, and they don’t get the care they deserve. There is a significant turnover of workers in these types of facilities, and it leads to problems of being short of staff, having staff that is under-trained or un-compassionate caregivers.

Elder Abuse Happens In Even The Best Nursing Homes

Elder abuse within most facilities is widespread. Many people in these homes are immobile. Whether it’s caused from advanced age, a severe illness, or a fracture, doesn’t matter; they still deserve excellent care. However, when they are left to sit or lay for hours on end, they often develop bed sores. Bed sores are usually located on the tailbone, ankles, hips, and heels. Anywhere there is pressure from the body rubbing with the bed can cause them. These centers are required to document any medical issue, and they should respond with a solution to assist in clearing up the problem immediately. The complications from these sores can be severe, especially since many of these patients have diabetes; they won’t heal properly.

It’s essential that a family member be an advocate for their loved one. Insist that proper wheelchairs and beds are used. When a person is unable to move, having a mattress that is less likely to cause sores is imperative. If a person doesn’t get rotates regularly, the weight and pressure from their body lying in one position lead to these ghastly sores.

Americans Are Aging

Did you know that by the year 2050, our country will have more than 20 percent of the population that are 65 years of age and older? What does this mean? Well,it means that there will be a vast increase in the number of people that are disabled, sick, and elderly. It also means that more people will be in long term care centers where they face the risk of being a victim of such abuse. Bed sores are painful, have a distinct odor, and they are hard to heal once they have gotten to the advanced stages.

Inexperienced workers are one of the most significant problems in these centers. The employees should know each patient and their needs. Making sure they get three meals a day, are properly hydrated, and have a bath are just a few things that can help keep them healthy. Primary care helps prevent both bed sores and skin ulcers. One area of concern is the heels. However, placing a simple boot on the foot can prevent these sores from occurring.

You Need Legal Help

Since 2009, Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers has helped many people with nursing home abuse cases, which also includes those who are plagued by painful bed sores. The State of Illinois has a Nursing Home Care Act that protects people who are victims of abuse in these homes. If you or one of your family members were mistreated in a nursing family, and you developed skin ulcers or bed sores, then we want to talk to you. We provide a free consultation with an experienced legal expert who can review your claim and see if you have a case. Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers will give you and your case the attention you so richly deserve.

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