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Chicago Radiology Malpractice and Errors Lawyers

Radiology is an important field of medicine. Radiologists are trained medical professionals who can literally see into the body without the need for surgery. Procedures such as x-rays, MRIs, sonograms and other methods provide doctors and patients with the information they need in order to make informed medical decisions. Radiologists are trained professionals who are entrusted with interpreting such procedures. Over the course of a day, a radiologist may be called upon to review many types of scans to help determine what medical course of action should be followed. A radiologist may be asked to help figure out if the patient has suffered an internal injury that needs surgical correction. They might also be asked to determine if a patient has bleeding, a fracture or other injury that requires correction by other medical experts in order to preserve the patient’s ultimate health. As such, radiology has a serious and important role in medical practice. If they fail to act properly, the patient can suffer serious medical problems.

Medical Negligence

Experts at the National Institute of Health have found that this area of medicine is often subject to medical errors. As a result, it is also one area that is likely to lead to patient lawsuits alleging medical malpractice. A 2012 report also found that such lawsuits stemmed because the radiologist failed to read the medical chart properly. Other errors that led to lawsuit included poor technique on behalf of the radiologist and lack of prior experience. In almost half of all cases, the professional did not diagnose the condition the patient had properly. This failure on their part was seen to generally fall into one of two categories. Most such problems are when the medical professional fails to find cancer or fails to locate a serious fracture on the material given to them. Radiologists who are charged with malpractice typically miss fractures of the femur, bones in the feet and spine. A radiologist may also fail to spot problems such as cancerous masses that need to be removed in order to restore the patient to good health. Radiologists have failed to spot breast tumors, cancers of the bone and lung cancer. A patient may have been given a mammogram or chest x-ray to examine them for suspected cancerous tumors. The radiologist may fail to spot these problems when other, more skilled radiologists might have been able to spot this issue and help get it corrected.

Highly Harmful Errors

Radiology malpractice lawyers can be quite harmful. Officials examined the records of over two thousand known malpractice radiology. They discovered over ten percent caused harm to the patient. This makes them seven times as dangerous for patients as errors that were caused by medication errors. This is because radiology plays a huge role in determining the course of the patient’s overall treatment. A radiologist is the gateway that other medical professionals use in order to decide what must be done to treat the patient. A single error can lead to failure to treat the illness. It can also lead to the patient’s being treated for a medical condition that did not exist. Patients who are given treatments they don’t need are at risk from all sorts of complications. Radiation is not a risk-free venture. A patient who doesn’t have cancer despite the radiologist’s assertions, may be subject to a debilitating regiment of radiation and chemotherapy that can ultimately seriously threaten their health. The same is true of patients who are not given such treatment. A cancer that might have been nipped in the bud with early treatment may progress until is not possible to treat it.

Many Issues

Those who specialize in radiology can act in ways that are contrary to a patient’s interest. They may argue that a mass is actually an artificial item that does not pose the patient any risk. They may also render a diagnosis that is not correct. The doctor might also fail to work closely with other medical experts. A radiologist may not do a good job communicating their findings to others who are part of the patient’s medical team. One pregnant woman went for a scan. The scan found that her baby was in grave danger. Instead of letting her obstetrician know of this finding, the radiologist wrote down his findings without immediately calling another medical professional to tell them immediate action was advised. The woman’s baby survived but suffered greatly from the radiologist’s actions. This is merely one example of the kind of help that our team of legal experts offers to anyone in need of Chicago radiology malpractice and errors lawyers. We can help anyone wronged make sure they receive all appropriate compensation. Our team provides the help you need to get the assistance required under law

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